Lip Shots

The new buzz word for lip augmentation and in particular lip fillers or lip injections seems to be lip shots. It is particularly popular in the USA and now becoming a very popular phrase here in the UK. The main reason the phrase is getting ever popular is the fact that the actual lip augmentation procedure is becoming more and more popular, some people are now using lip injections as a part of their ongoing beauty treatments. More and more clinics are blogging about it which is no surprise.

lip shotsLip Shots – consultation

Anyone considering lip shots, just like any other lip augmentation, especially if they are having the treatment done for the first time or at a clinic they have never been to should always require a  lip filler consultation to check for any allergies etc. This would also be an ideal time to discuss things with the staff, questions like how long do lip shots last or will you need upper lip fillers or lower lip injections or both? Are there any after effects from lip fillers and if so what is your aftercare service like? It is worth noting that most reputable clinics will offer this service FREE before taking on any new customer.

When it comes to choosing a dermal filler clinic make sure the clinic carries a team of experts that are fully trained on lip filler procedures such as lip shots, try where possible to find a clinic where the staff are dedicated to only carrying out dermal filler or lip filler procedures. Make sure that they are only using the very latest and safest dermal fillers available and that are licensed to use here in the UK.

Lip shots – Products

There are many quality lip filler products some can be found here we also found this thread online discussing the different products we hope this information will help you make the right decisions on lip shots.