Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a procedure which helps with a few things either with wrinkles around the mouth or as lip shots or lip injections to enhance the look and feel of the lips. You might only be looking at lip enhancement on the upper lip or lower lip or both lips, all of which are more and more popular beauty treatments in the UK today. Lip Augmentation can be a non surgical procedure or surgical procedure, get advice on which one would be best for you.

lip augmentationLip Augmentation Costs

Non surgical lip augmentation like lip fillers or lip shots are now more affordable than they have ever been. Things to take into consideration could be the the amount of filler (measured by syringe) that is needed as well as the actual lip filler product that is administered. Before any procedure always have a consultation to check for skin and product allergies, we have found lots of clinics offer skin and allergy tests to new patients FREE. Many other reputable clinics offer FREE initial consultations so take advantage of this before getting any treatments done. We have also found this website as a good source of information. When it comes to products make sure your choice of clinic offers products that are licensed to use in the UK. If you are looking at a more permanent lip augmentation procedure take a look here

Lip Augmentation – do your research

The lips are a big feature on anyone’s face which is why before any lip augmentation we would recommend doing as much research as possible and we hope this information we have given will help in some way. There are many very good reputable dermal filler clinics in the UK giving potential customers a great choice when it comes to lip fillers. wrinkle fillers or eye wrinkle treatments. Just do your homework and research first to reduce any risks.